Benjamin Patock – Boveda Inc. Benjamin Patock is mind of Overseas relations at Boveda, they give you the world’s leading simple to use, exact, stable and also at exactly the same cheap and disposable 2-way moisture control for a wide selection of good use situations and companies: herbal medication, tobacco, medical instruments, wooden musical instruments, meals and much more. Boveda Inc. and their items slot right to the cannabis industry with no want to adjust. What’s your primary item when it comes to cannabis industry? At Boveda, we actually just do the one thing, but do this to excellence. We control the moisture degree in the inside any offered shut container with a secure and product that is natural. Boveda adds and removes nothing but water that is pure vapor to produce an environment that is stable. Most of the processes around cannabis flowers—especially with regards to item quality and safety—are tightly knotted to moisture. […]